What Mum Eats, and Drinks Affects Children Profoundly–New Findings

A large study included more than 60,000 pregnant women in Norway, shows that increase drinking of sugar sweetened beverage poses higher risk of premature birth.

The study found that those who drank one sugary soda a day were up to 25 percent more likely to give birth prematurely than those who avoided the sweetened drinks. But the researchers haven’t figured out whether the soda is the only thing to be blamed. Lifestyle and other factors that go along with high sugar consumption may also play a role. The authors note in their report that women who drank the most sweetened drinks were also more likely to smoke, eat more calories, and have a higher body mass index (BMI) – a measure of weight relative to height – than those who drank fewer sugary drinks.In a past Denmark research, it found artificial sweeteners would also induce premature birth.

Fetus should naturally stay in their mothers womb for 37-42 weeks, normally for 40 weeks. Any births take place before 37 weeks is premature. Premature birth of infant is strongly related to the premature death, growth pattern and also general health status in adulthood, so it should always be a priority of health care prevention.

Expect for what pregnant mothers drink, other factors in diet, environment, life-style, stress and diseases. Besides for the western theory of premature birth inducing foods, Chinese people have a very long-lasting believe about certain food will trigger early birth–pungent spices, edible fungi, spinach, maybush, icy foods, strong tea, to name a few.

We want our neos have a great start and a happy, healthy life; so do everything we can to prevent preterm birth.