I am back with good news: owning a dog may curb heart disease and obesity

Do you ever wonder how you treat your dog can in turn affect your health?

Experts from American Heart Association recently released a positive statement of dog ownership regarding to heart health; they found dog owners are very likely to have better heart health and lower body weight compared to non-owners.


Numerous studies had been done in pet ownership and human health, which are based on the assumption that people increase physical activities level when they have a dog to walk. These studies show conflicting results, but the majority of them indicated a positive relationship between having a dog, and more accurately walking a dog, and lower heart disease risk, lower blood pressure, better heart function, better recovery from heart disease, and lipid profile.

Previously, researchers thought this association might come from some factors beside increasing physical activity; these factors are called confounders. One possible explanation is that owning a dog is related to better socioeconomic status, better living environment, and better working status, which all link to better heart health shown in other studies. But now, experts revoke such possibilities by controlling these factors in their analysis.
Besides the mechanism that owning a dog increase physical activity that can make those positive health benefits, having a dog can contribute strong social support for positive life changes. Some studies showed that people found partnership, felt more responsible to their health and their dogs’ health, felt less barrier when they want to make changes in their daily living. Dogs make lives vivid, energetic, and make people happy, which may also contribute to better heart health.

Now experts show the result, basically how you treat your dogs(whether you walk them often or keep them in the house all day) affects your health profoundly. If you have a dog, just walk it, and walk it more. If you don’t have one and you love to get one, this might be a great argument to justify your point to your partner! Or, if you are not a dog person, finding something interest you outdoor and someone accompany will have similar effects–in the end, the point is that find a way to increase physical activities definitely improve your health.