Backup Force for “LINSANITY”

“Jeremy———–Lin!” Shouting echoed all night in the Madison Square Garden.

New York City, a city never lack of superstars, welcomes an Asian hero of its basketball team. One month ago, perhaps 99% Americans didn’t know who this guy was; today, if you don’t know this basketball marvel from Harvard, you definitely need to update your social network.

What makes a nobody sitting on the bench becomes a shining star in metropolitan? Hardworking, faith, support from family and friends play an important role. But besides these, what helps an Asian guy stand in the basketball court with other muscular Western players? The backup force is his paranormal diet.

Jeremy is 6’3”, 200 pounds, which is not outstanding amount basketball player. But when you look at his parents you know how “abnormal” he is—his parents are close to 5’6”. Jeremy was only 5’5” in high school; though he played so well, many college teams freezed him out due to his height. With his father’s support, he got consultation from dietitian, which maybe the turning point of his basketball career.

Time to uncover his diet and workout plan (disclosed by Lin in last year’s interview):

This diet sounds scary to Asian people, whose diet doesn’t contain so much meat. Yet, this diet pattern should sound very familiar to body-builders and professional trainer. With abundant lean meat, vitamins and minerals, and water, this diet pattern is designed for people exercise in high strength. Though the diet above might not be precise, it shows the core of sports nutrition.

Why do they need so much protein? In training and game time, human body is in stress state; they not only expend 50% more calories than average people, their protein catabolism also accelerate—even to the extent of negative nitrogen balance. A diet high in protein will not only compensate their energy loss, but also increase muscle strength, stimulate synthesis of hemoglobin, and finally increase retrieval. Besides, abundant micronutrients in the meal help to reduce oxidative stress, which keeps the body in equilibrium.

Though this diet looks attractive, it is not recommended to average people because overdose of protein places great burden on the kidneys, and large amount of metabolite accumulate ammonia and urea in body that may cause a series of adverse outcomes. So if you want to try out high protein diet, make sure to consult your doctor or dietitian.

Rome wasn’t built in a day. Linsanity is not a mystery; it is narrative about super hardworking, endless family love, and precise science. Check out this video, you will love this guy: