Get Rid of the Gas Mask!

Do you have any trouble in farting? Or has farting ever made you in trouble?

If you are a man who loves to eat broccoli, onion, eggs, and eat fast, and don’t exercise regularly, you are more likely to have experience the embarrassing torment—in a meeting, in an elevator or in your boss’s office!

Kids might think pop-stars or celebrities don’t fart, but that’s just something adorable innocence. Everybody farts, and healthy people fart every day. The gas is produced by bacteria in intestine with undigested foods and swallowed air; it is a combination of gases: nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide, methane, and hydrogen sulfide. Most people produce about 1 to 4 pints gas from the gut per day and pass them 10 to 25 times a day (female farts less than man).

What causes excessive gas?

In general, certain foods, eating habits, and physical activity are the major causes for more gas. Some kinds of sugars (Raffinose, Fructose, and Lactose) can’t be digested if you lack of those enzymes in your small intestine. For example, people with lactose intolerance experience bloating and large amount of gas since the undigested lactose is produced (fermented) by bacteria. Most starches, including pasta, corn, wheat, which can’t be broken down thoroughly in small intestine, cause fermentation in large intestine with the help of gut bacteria.





Eating fast also causes excessive gas. Because you don’t chew the foods thoroughly, they couldn’t be digested easily; also, when eating fast you gulp a lot of air in your digest tract, which will exhale from your butt. Besides, physical inactivity also contributes to the gas indirectly. When the waste can’t expel regularly as you are sitting a lot, the gut bacteria have more time to ferment the undigested residues, which produces more gas.

Why sometimes the gas smells so bad?

Healthy fart doesn’t have much odor, which won’t cause too much problem since you can silently leak the gas out without anyone notice. What matters a lot is the stinky smell from the unusual fart. That is super embarrassing; trust me if you haven’t experience it ever, because I, uh, yeah, you know it.

The stinky smell comes from the sulfur of the foods you eat. The richer sulfur in the foods, the more stinky your gas likely to be. After fermented by the bacteria, sulfur is converted into hydrogen sulfide and that is the culprit of the smell.


What can come to rescue?

Since farting is a common problem, though there is no single panacea, physicians and scientists have developed lots of ways based on different causes (foods, eating habit, and exercise) to help you.

  • Cut portion or avoid foods that make you fart: look back to the foods when you experience extra gas, then try to eat less next time. For those who have intolerance for specific foods, for example those who are lactose intolerance, you have to avoid the foods;
  • Eat slowly and try smaller meals: chew thoroughly and swallow slowly can help you stomach and small intestine digest foods;
  • Let’s move: keep regular exercise in your calendar. It not only can increase your gut health and avoid excess gas, it also enhance help regulate body weight and prevent many diseases.