About Me

Hi everybody! Welcome to Xi’s Nutrition world.

I am a grad student of Nutrition Communication at Friedman School of Nutrition and Policy at Tufts University. I hope to share my thoughts about food, health and everything with you!

You must have your favorite food, so do I! Not every food is healthful to your body, but nearly no food should be totally avoided–I advocate “everything in moderation.” That means you are totally fine if you desire ice cream, fried chickren wings, pizza, or alcohol–just eat or drink them, just remember eat once in a while, not too much in a time! I personally always have the craving for instant noodles! After all, this the true of life, we all want these enjoyable good things!

DON’T hesitate to leave a comment for anything you are interested in. Each of us do eat, and I believe each of us have our own thought of eating and being healthy!


17 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Xi Lin,

    Thank you for stopping by the other day and giving me a like on my post “The Benefits of Turmeric”.

    I love your blog very friendly and educational, keep on educating!

    Wishing you health, abundance and happiness!

  2. Thank you for “liking” our post on star fruit. We’re enjoying discovering your blog. Our chair lady is undergoing medical attention for a double secretion level from the pituitary gland to the thyroid. The culprit? ~ Her love of seaweed salad! “Everything in moderation.”

  3. Thank you for liking my post. I appreciate yours as well, and wish you the best with your nutrition degree & work in the field. It is, as you know, an exciting, ever changing and very opinionated field.

    • Your blog’s great too! I think everyone talking about science, espeicially related closely to people’s lives, should write upon evidence!

  4. Hi Xi Lin, isn’t nutrition just such a great topic and sadly so often overlooked in our fast food world. As the old saying goes ‘let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food. Thank you also for dropping in on my blog đŸ™‚

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