Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF in Josiah Quincy School

Halloween is never boring–beside parties for grown-ups, trick-or-treat is nothing but indispensable for kids (even in heart). I am a volunteer for UNICEF and also some friends in my nutrition school are in the process to register as a UNICEF Campus Initiative, and we named ourselves Tufts UNICEF.

UNICEF believed no child should be in hunger; they also believe kids are the best helpers to other kids. Trick-or-Treat can be more meaningful than just candy, it could be a chance for us to do something. So every year during Halloween, kids go out for trick-or-treat for candy and also asking for donation–it has been more than 60 years since it started.

This year, we collaborated with Josiah Quincy School in Boston to promote trick-or-treat for UNICEF in the first graders. So we created a class incorporating nutrition education, specifically “My Plate” as requested by the school, and UNICEF. We got many games to play with kids, because we know nothing is more attractive than playing games when you have to learn something. We showed pictures of kids living in Africa, and I can really tell there were something in our kids’ eyes–they really want to help kids in need. In the end we handed out cute and cool boxes from UNICEF, them were willing to carry the box with them when they go trick-or-treat!

One person’s power is always limited; more people having the same view are something powerful. If you want to see the kids need help or want to make a generous donation now, please click on this UNICEF website, Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF website, to see further information.

Also, visit our Tufts UNICEF blog to see our lastest events!