China#Real Chinese Cuisine: Part 1–Eight Major Cuisines

Concentrating thousands of years history, Chinese food is not only represented by those very simple dishes people can find in Chinatown oversea. For many years, Chinese people keep preserving the old cookbooks from ancesters and never stop creating new flavors. Integrating and transfering the knowledge from civilians and the cooking methods from the officals, year after year, we crystalize eight major cuisines of Chinese food.

Thanks for the board domain of China, different areas enjoy different climate and therefore, different produce and techniques for cooking. For example, northern people like to use mutton and beef because they can raise goats and cow, while southern people can go fishing and use a lot of sea food in south food. From choosing produce, cutting and preparing, and cooking method, different cuisines are unique and represent their own culture. Here are the name of the cuisines and the regions they stand for:

  • Hui– Anhui
  • Yue (Cantonese)– Guangdong
  • Min– Fujian
  • Xiang– Hunan (Can include Xiangjiang Region, Dongting Lake and Xiangxi styles)
  • Su (aka Huaiyang Cuisine)– Jiangsu
  • Lu– Shandong (Include Jinan, Jiaodong styles, etc.)
  • Chuan– Sichuan
  • Zhe– Zhejiang (Can include Hangzhou, Ningbo, and Shaoxing styles)

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